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Department Chair: Prof. Yael Reshef

BA Advisor: Prof. Steve Fassberg

MA Advisor: Prof. Yochanan Breuer

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Phone: +972-2-5883558
Room 4504 

Prof. Steve Fassberg

Department Chair

Research interests: Biblical Hebrew; The languages of the Dead Sea Scrolls; Aramaic dialectology; Northwest Semitic; Semitic philology (Caspar Levias Chair in Ancient Semitic Languages).


Selected Publications:

A Grammar of the Palestinian Targum Fragments from the Cairo Genizah. Harvard Semitic Studies 38. Atlanta, Georgia: Scholars Press, 1990. 322 pages.

Studies in the Syntax of Biblical Hebrew (סוגיות בתחביר המקרא). Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1994. 202 pp.

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“The Orthography of the Relative pronoun שה- in the Second Temple and Mishnaic Periods,” Scripta Classica Israelica 15 [1996] 240-250.

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